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The Wire

Only the best TV show ever. Ever. (Yes, better than Northern Exposure.) New season is on, so good and so real (because I know what the hood is like in Baltimore, uh huh, but you know what I mean...)


Purlescence opened yesterday, in Silly Valley all the knitters were EXCITED. Stood around chatting alot mostly (eating cookies), and felt up alot of yarn. Bought some Socks that Rocks, because it's Socktober. Three books purchased, Knitting from the Top, Holiday Knits, and A Gathering of Lace.


The votive sleeves in Handknit Holidays are just so adorable, mostly because I saw Grumperina's pictures, the gunmetal they used in Handknit I didn't care for much. We ran around to all the crafty stores in the area, (i.e. JoAnn's and Michael's) to get beads, wire, metal knitting needles, and votive holders from Crate & Barrel. Golden 26 gauge wire, and size 6 beads in reds, yellows and gold.

The prototype is so pretty, but took forever, and 2.5 times the beads the pattern suggested.

With the second version, I stuck to 8 stitches and sz 8 needles, and it came out the PERFECT size. Used about 150-180 beads. Look at the big difference with the Prototype version??

Had to keep going, substituted red for purple in the next one.

So 20s , Eric said.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Abigail said...

Pretty! :)

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Mariah said...

Inte bara söta - gudomligt söta! :)


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