nitely knitterly progress


A Quest for Yarn and Unfocused Knitting

I love that feeling of casting on for a brand spankin' new project. You knit in a frenzy just to see how the yarn "knits up". It's so important. And it's fun to play with new yarn.

Reading EZ's "Knitting Without Tears" is empowering, hence the hot pink "idea T". Won't have enough yarn for more than that anyway...


The orangina is ready to be worn. I just have to find something for UNDER it, and daylight to take a picture of it in.
A wool & cotton blend is hard to find. Received the Knitpicks tester yarn (Main Line) today, and promptly knitted up a little swatch with some cables on it. The yarn is of the wrong weight. Way too thick. It is soft and nice to knit with though.

Will try to pick up some Brown Sheep Cotton fine in a "manly" color. (This color-picking is trying my patience. Really. Why do all boys want drab grey and the darkest shades of blue and black? So boring.) One of the Knitpicks samplers I ordered, had a grey heathered yarn that passed the color test, 100 % wool though. But now I know what to look for. It's time for real knitting, enough swatching already.


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