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Y is for Yarn Victory

E-baying is really not my thing. My S.O works for them, and I bitch all the time HOW MUCH THEIR WEBSITE SUCKS. Like you have to log in a gazillion times when you navigate around their site. Crappy programming, I say (and I know what I'm talking about because I'm the Enemy, the SysAdmin.) Yarn? Oh right. Brown Sheep Cotton Fine.


Can't find it in the number of skeins and color I want, not even on E-bay. (There IS plenty of pink, maybe it's what HE wants that's so difficult. Bitterness? OH NO.) Eunny used Cotton Fleece for the Macho Aran, but I thought it would be too thick for the S.O, until 5 p.m. last night when I was SO SICK OF LOOKING AT YARN. So I went to the yarn store. Squeezed in through the door as they were locking up (they were so nice to let me in), scooped up their 8 skeins of Cotton Fleece in Wolverine (S.O accepted color) and was out the door in 3 minutes flat. He's gonna have to like it.

It's alittle shiny, very cottony sharp, but alittle stretchy wooly. I really like it. It's decent to knit with, alittle boring, but it is shiny. He said "Eh" when he saw it. Good enough for me. I think I'll pick some up for me in a FUN color when I want my own cable sweater! (That's still one of the requirements of this project, me wanting to make another one.)


He picked the cable pattern used in Fjörgryn from Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns book. "It's assymetrical". Bet your ass it is.
BS CFleece recommends sz 6, so I picked up the 4s for the ribbing, and used 5's for everything else. Tried a few different ribbings. I like the fun twisted stitches (k2tog, leave on needle, k 1st stitch, pull both off). Tried it in k2p2 ribbing for the k2's, tried it in every other k2s, then did plain k2p2 ribbing. He liked that. Plain old boring k2p2 it is. I figure, WHEN I make mine, I can do twisties.

(I'm ashamed, the color with the tungsten lights is SO BAD. Need to be home to take pictures in DAYLIGHT more often...)


What do I know so far about the sweater design?
1. He wants ribbing. Plain old ribbing.
2. He wants one long cable going from the ribbing up to the shoulder, probably on both sides. Nothing else.
3. He doesn't want raglan or drop shoulder.


The long cable swatch was fun to knit. Presented two versions.

1. Regular stockinette stitch for most of the sweater except the cable pattern. Notice how the cable goes into the ribbing? The number of stitches didn't add up properly, so I will have to fudge that somehow. Maybe a small tight cable?

2. Reverse stockinette around the cable throughout the sweater. (This was my first swatch so I hadn't figured out to run the cable into the ribbing, apologies. They're both really the same swatch, two repeats of the pattern and folded over.)

He picked Number Two. Sigh. Reverse stockinette on a circular needle. I CAN'T WAIT. "It's my sweater". He's right dammit.


At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Debbie said...

Um, what is a "SO"? Your cables look really nice and sorry (feel like I should duck here) but I like the second one too. Maybe glasses of wine while knitting will help?

At 12:05 AM, Blogger lill4my said...

He he he, thankyou! At SnB last night they were trying to reassure me and say "knit from the inside, cable on the purl side!" I think I'm gonna have to try:):)

S.O=Significant Other;) He's been Significant for 13 years or so:)

And yes, wine always helps!:)


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