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The Swedish Flu

Managed to avoid it for two weeks actually IN Sweden, until the Swedish Entourage arrived with it. They managed to get it back in time for when they left yesterday, after two weeks of Touristing, with 2 out of 3 being sick and sniffly as well. It was abit of a revenge I must admit. That's excuse number one, number two is always Work. It's crazy this time of year, nothing we can do about it...

It's funny how things are always cyclical (or really not surprising), at my Gramma's I was admiring all her embroidered goods. I found one of the little doilies she made me still in its wrapper when I cleaned at home (it was in the bookcase, don't ask me why cleaning the book case was so important before overseas guests arrived, or why it was even in there to begin with, it was just a nice surprise.)

The "Fabric Store" as my Gramma's crafty store is called, has all these little embroidery kits. They come with the pattern, thread and fabric (usually linen). This time I decided to buy the ones I wanted, regretting last time not having anything to show for when I got home. Back at my Gramma's, we went upstairs to her storage unit, where she dug out (resisting my help as always) another embroidery kit with a Christmas theme. I'm so excited to start them!
(The Wiki has much larger pictures to study the patterns in detail!)

They are going to be alot of work, but it will still be fun! (And a nice knitting break!) The very pretty for a pillow case cover of flowers, I gave away and have no picture of! (To Someone who is in dire need of a digital camera I might add!)

Tried to pay attention to all the crocheted doilies I was so used to just seeing (and clearly not appreciating) when I was young. Took some pictures of them as well.. (Maybe not the prettiest of colors, but a very simple and crocheted dish towel.)
David's Doily (my brother sure was raised right, he can appreciate the doily! Or closer to the truth, Mom's been decorating..)
Our 1 am snack at Eric's Birthday Party! Yes, that is pickled herring! And yes, we finished a whole bottle of Aquavit! There's nothing like some boiled eggs, potatoes, herring and a cold beer right before the end of the party! (And look at my Mom's pretty crocheted doily!!)

And then to the reason we all knit. A Nautie in very good hands. Her big brother is just too cool (with his own Nautie next to him)!

Knitting content? Right. The Four-Oh sweater is coming along. Got about 17 inches into it, almost ready for the start of the sleeve bindoffs. Got tired of knitting it (reverse stockinette and all), and started a modified MDK kimono sweater for a co-workers soon-to-be baby boy (well, he's still boy, he's just not born yet).

It's knitted out of Dale Stork (same as I used for the Orangina) on 2's. Modified the pattern by picking up a hell of a lot more stitches (60), did a moss stitch border on the bottom, some striping (no really??) and alot more increases for the sleeves (to make them the correct length). Along the front wrapped area, I did 2 knits on each row for the edge so it wouldn't curl (and I think it looks cute). Haven't decided what to do with the sleeve edges, or the back of the neck of the fasteners for the front. Either buttons, or some ribbon. Any ideas?

It's Socktober month. Maybe Pomotamus is calling. I should try to find the one I finished. And see if I have enough yarn.


At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Kristi said...

It's kind of funny how we talked about similar things in our posts today!

Missed seeing you last week, perhaps this coming week?

Oh, and that sweater is really cute!

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Abigail said...

Adorable kids with the Nauties. :)

Love the MDK kimono sweater. I vote for buttons, ribbons are too tempting for a little baby to undo. Then again, a tiny baby can't undo them, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

At 5:23 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

I vote for buttons,too, as ribbons would fight for the attention where you want the stripes to be highlighted(or you wouldn't have done them?). The knot of the ribbon could hurt or be more uncomfortable than flat buttons would be. You did a great job on your kimono!


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