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Loosey Goosey

That's how I knit.

After years and years of knitting, I just finally figured it out. (I'm bright like that). Like Elizabeth Zimmerman said, gauge is the most important thing in knitting. The width gauge. The height gauge? Not so much, just make it longer. Use whatever needles you need, use whatever yarn you want, but MAKE SURE YOUR GAUGE IS SPOT ON. What kind of knitter are you, Loose? Tight? Just normal?

Best advice ever.

When I have the great opportunity to teach a newbie to knit I always say "knit a swatch, it's boring boring boring, but it's MUCH LESS ACTUAL WORK, than knitting an entire sweater, or even just a few inches, and realize it's too small/big." Huge.

Knit a swatch.

And then there is me. Apparantly most knitters actually SAVE their swatches. Do you? I don't. I figure it's a waste of yarn, so after I take my measurements I always rip it out. Sometimes right after I make it, and sometimes after the project is completed.

And another one of my quirks, I'm fanatical about running out of yarn. I think it comes from having it happen to me, so now I have a boatload of one skein wonders. Always leftovers. But I figure, at least I didn't have to lose sleep over not having enough yarn. How do you buy yarn? Just as much as the pattern requires, less, more?

Here's a swatch of Allhemp3 knit a few rounds on sz4 straights, a few rounds on sz3 circulars, and a few rounds on sz2 circulars. My favorite? The size twos. I thought I liked a tight knit, but I think now it's a combination of my loose tendencies (allright, in KNITTING, sheesh) and unfavorable view of holey knitting. The interesting thing is that the circulars look alot looser than the straights, I must not be tightening up the yarn quite as much as I do on straights. Good to remember. Obviously this is not knit in the round, which is whole nuther story.

What's the project for the hemp, have you made anything with hemp? Nothing firm yet, but probably Big Dotty from MDK as a pillow cover for the couch pillow(s). It's far down on the list for now, first is the Four-Oh sweater (waiting for tester yarn from KnitPicks), and the MDK linen towels for a present. The two ballbands that were finished this weekend from MDK were mindless and pretty (sort of like Arlo.) Also presents for the Big Trip.

Then more swatching. This time it's for a summery, homegrown little T. Maybe I'll even keep the swatch. As long as I won't run out of yarn. But I will at least take a picture of it.


At 9:19 PM, Blogger JillyB said...

AH HA!! I am not so much a tight knitter as you are a loose knitter!! I suspected this all along..........


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