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The View

when my Alternative Retirement Plan kicks in. Oh yes. Maybe not to watch the Oakland Raiders at the Coliseum, but a SUITE, to watch FOOTBALL, at the stadium. Life would be hard pressed to be better than Sunday. It's almost as if the day spent doing labor in the Data Center didn't even happen. Most importantly, NO KNITTING done during the entire game. It was an odd feeling. And football, in the sun, drinking (free) beer, close proximity to the spic and span bathroom, multiple TV screens showing the game in the suite, and us hanging over the edge out the window watching it for real. We were pretty damn lucky.


Mindless knitting has taken place, particularly in the form of the Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloths. Seven of them. I have a few more to go before I can go to Sweden. They're itty bitty presents for the family.

The Four-Oh Sweater has gone through all the planning stages.

  1. It's in reverse stockinette for most of it.
  2. The pattern repeats all the way up one side on the front and back in mirrored images of each other.
  3. Used sz4 needles for the ribbing, and sz5 for the rest.
  4. Measured the S.O.
The calculations were based on the initial swatch, where my swatch was 8.25" wide with 44 st, resulting in 5.33 st/in. The circumference of the sweater was calculated with the S.O's measurements to be 238 stitches (Number of inches * 5.33= 238 st). To make the ribbing flow into the pattern properly, I had to have 4 knits on either side of the sweater for symmetry. To make sure it didn't look too funky, I made a 4 stitch cable for each of these areas. Used one of his sweatshirts to check the measurements. This was helpful for shaping the armhole area and to know where to place the cable that is running up the side, as well as general sizing issues.

Did I figure out the armhole shaping or length or collar? Hell no. I just wanted to start knitting.


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Eleni said...

the MD dishcloths are so addictive and yet oddly gratifying in between all the projects that take me way too long to finish. have a great trip!


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