nitely knitterly progress


Veni, Vidi, Vici Pomatomus

They're fucking done!

Really, the second one didn't require much swearing. (Well after I figured out my main problem.)

The Short Version, a.k.a. What I Have Learned...

1. Follow the right chart. (How hard is that? Not very. It's not like there are more than two charts, and it's not like the pattern is THAT friggin' difficult. And no, there's no errata, Cookies pattern is immaculately accurate, the errata is my brain.)

2. Don't knit socks for the same pair 3 months apart. Your gauge will be way fucking off.

3. Knitted the first knit stitch after the YOs, didn't like how it looked with it through the back loop.


Love, love, love the twisted stitches and half moon shapes. The shape of the heel is nice. The pickup of stitches around the heel is so nice, no weird holes or anything (the twisted knit stitches helped alot too)! Picked up the stitches inbetween the stitches gives alot less holes.

Will I make another pair? Uh huh.

After hell week (yes, worse than last week if that's possible), and 2 beers at the Thirsty Bear we stopped by at Borders on King St, on the way to the train (before Happy Donut, mmmm Happy Donut... ) O'Reilly's, yes, the publisher that publishes THE best technical IT books, every geek loves them, have published "Craft", " a craftzine" as they call it. It rocks, it is beyond cool, it has so many inventive and fun crafty things. Who doesn't need little cute ghosts made out of, yes, can you believe it???

I got a set of Mindstorm Legos a few years ago and had grand plans for them, none of them came through, but how about making this, the coolest ball winder ever??? I have to knit the robots too. They're just so cute.

And clothing, I just NEED this electric t-shirt!! It's classy.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger JillyB said...

Very cute! nice colorway too. I want a lego ball winder! So cool!

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Abigail said...

I heard about your pomatomus problems, I'm glad you made it through. :)

Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting made one of those robots but the lady who sold the pattern wasn't selling it anymore. I'll have to get myself a copy of the magazine so I can make one. :)

I asked Erik to make me one of those LEGO ballwinders with his Mindstorms and he said sure, then he could buy a newer set since the old stuff would all be tied up with the winder. I can't decide if it's worth $280 to have a motorized ball winder. ;)


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