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Last Century Socks

Always in need of being darned, worn to threads, but oh so comfortable. If socks make it to the darning stage, they have passed the Test.

That's how I knit socks. Size 5.5's, 6s, worsted weight yarn, they were warm and had a function. Cast on around 40:ish stitches, used only 2k2p ribbing, usually with some stripes (they add alot of cuteness), a funky heel that my Gramma taught me when I learned to make socks (and would always forget until I got to the heel and had to figure it out all over again). Most of them are wooly, the acrylic ones from the mid-nineties are so holy that I can't wear them anymore. The wooly socks are all in various stages of feltiness, the "whoops-it-made-its-way-into-the-washer" syndrome. Then you might as well toss in the second one in the next wash for a matching pair. They hold up quite nicely after felting too.

No fussy socks, these are plain and easy, and so fun to crank out a pair in a day. Socks are satisfying, they're the quick fix. Especially if you only make one.

Apparantly there are some socks floating out there that, at some point, I knitted for both friends and family. They pop up once in awhile, and I am determined to begin recording them in some fashion.


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous cookie said...

Hurray for socks! I'm under the delusion that if I just keep knitting socks, I won't ever wear them out because the supply will be ever growing.

And you just have to learn to love mismatched socks. Embrace them.

I want to so those pot socks on Thursday!

At 9:15 PM, Blogger Abigail said...

A pair of socks in a day?? You must be a fast knitter. :)

At 9:26 PM, Blogger JillyB said...

Sigh. The love of socks has completly passed me by. I am sure they are lovely for you though. :^)


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