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Happy 230th

It's remarkable that many, many years ago, on a hot, hot muggy summer day, 13 colonies decided that enough was enough. Only one abstained, to make sure the vote was unanimous.

Some very brave men made some world changing decisions. It must have been quite the times back then.

Ballband bathmat is completed. Triple-stranded S&C . 3 skeins of beige, 3 skeins of white. The problem with S&C is that whoever is winding it, doesn't know how to count. The yardage was WAY OFF on each skein. But then again, it's $2.50/skein. I suppose I shouldn't complain. 100 % cotton in the bathroom mat, it's gonna be nice n cushy and most important of all, easy to clean!

Was running out of the beige, so I had to do some color switcharo. Or I could also say "I meant for it to look like this". But I really didn't. I still think it looks nice.


At 5:59 AM, Blogger Monika said...

Love the bathmat!


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