nitely knitterly progress


X-ray Day

Digging out the Arlo-hair covered yarns that are mostly on my mind...

On the top:
Allhemp 3. Can't decide what to make with it, something sturdy. I love hemp. Made a cute little evening clutch in hemp from Artfibers a few months ago. There are some very nice housy patterns in Mason-Dixon that are on my mind.

In the middle:

Manos, Cotton. How can you not love this yarn. It was supposed to be for a nautie, but we'll see. I just like to pet it. Pet. Pet. Pet.

On the bottom:

Knitpicks Shimmer. Supposedly the Candle Flame shawl, but it's wool, and it's summer, and the two don't mix. It's just a gorgeous color so it's in the picture.


Knitpicks dye-your-own, lace weight (I wanted sock weight, but they were out, and I needed INSTANT GRATIFICATION.) Some day I'll get the dye too... And then the green lime shine that was supposedly for the Picovoli, it'll collect dust, but the color is beautiful.

And just because I love to have an excuse to pet the yarn and take some fun pictures..


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