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I blame Mason Dixon

for the lack of Peaches & Creme at Walmart. (Yes, I actually went to Walmart.) Looked online for it, since I'd never heard about it before, but at bobaknit snb on Thursday Abigail said "oh you can just get it at WALMART". At which point I looked at my watch, it was 10 pm. Dammit.

A trip to Walmart on Friday resulted in some boring beigy cone P&C and some varigated stuff (see title). But hey, the cone was LESS THAN SEVEN BUCKS (at 1000 yds) and the smaller skeins were $1.27/each. How great is it to be able to fill up a basket of yarn and NOT EVEN FEEL BAD ABOUT IT??

Since it's almost 4th of July, I got the patriotic colors and whipped up the dishrag Friday night, while watching 24 (season 3).

The number one concern for me with these, is the absorbancy factor. I did alittle bit of research with it over the weekend (whiped down the counter once), but was mostly lazy, (had to find some more of that P&C, that clearly took priority!)

During lunch two days last week, I went to NoeKnit in Noe Valley, and Imagiknit on 18th n Sanchez. NoeKnit had pretty much what you can get anywhere else, but Imagiknits has a HUGE HUGE collection of yarns. I found some Tahki Classic Cotton that is required for the Mitered Square Blanket, and bought a few skeins to start it . I figured, a coupla skeins a week, and eventually I'll have enough for the blanket (40 skeins). Also got this nylon Noro on a whim. They have alot of yarn I want to get on a whim. But I showed restraint, which you could only tell by going in there, and seeing what they have. Really. Have to go back again with people who try to not CRAMP MY STYLE. Boys. "Can we go now, can we go now, can we go now ?" Clearly you need about 3 hrs easy in there. Easy.

Friday was Walmart, and on Saturday, my friend and I went to JoAnns (Yes, tons of Sugar & Creme!!!!!! Blue, Turquoise, Pink, Beige, White. Another basket full), and then to Uncommon Threads in Los Altos. She bought some Tahki Cotton Classic for a log cabin blanket (YEY!) and I got some more of it for the Mitered Square Blanket. Allright, the colors were lovely, so now I have 11 skeins. More than my allocation of yarn this week, but now I don't have to buy more for WEEKS. I'm almost fooling myself into believing that.

The mitered squares are fun to knit, and it's nice to knit something besides the Orangina. It's abit mindless.

Not to forget the P/S&C, started a bathmat with three stranded P/S&C in beige and white, using the dishrag pattern on Saturday evening. It's going to be pretty big, I've knitted about 12 inches or so, and it looks SO CUTE. Oh, if you want the pattern without buying the MDK book? It's on the back of the tag of the P&C! (I'm sure everyone is going, well, DUH.) But this is all news to me.

And did I speak too soon? Yes. I now have Poison Oak all over my leg, my arms, my eyelid (nice). And these are the ones I know about as of today. The bug bite at the back of my leg? Not a bug bite. Now a raving culture of Poison Oak that is spreading icky bumps and yuckiness all over the back of my leg. With vodka (on the cut, hello!) and Cortaid spray, life is almost non-scratchy. For another two hours.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Abby said...

What yarn are you using for your mitered squares? I like the shades you are using.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger lill4my said...

I'm using Tahki Cotton classic. I put most of my stats for the projects here. It's mercerised cotton and lovely to work with. There's a page in the MDK book where she recommends the colors, and I was trying to get those colors too:) Some mellow and muted, and some poppy and bright.


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