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Well first off, I'm a Finisher.

It's been the damn plan of crocheting the edges and the fasteners that put a screeching halt on the project. Since I did this all in stockinette, the neck line rolls unattractively, so I put in two rows of single crochet just along it, in the back, to give it some stability. It's not perfect, but a hell of a lot better.

Since baby hands are very squiggly and difficult to put into sleeves, I left a small slit, about 1 inch long open along the seam on the bottom, and crocheted around the sleeve for some stability.

The buttons are clear snap buttons. Used one on the inside flap, and three on the front.

Now on to the hat. It's 14" in circumference (I'm about half way, not really sure how LONG to make it), and it looks really really big. But people say babies have big heads, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Need some baby booties, found a nice set of socks on Interweave's website, they look like winners.

The last two days haven't been as productive as I may have hoped. There's been alot of decompressing and just doodling on the mac and watching TV. And it's hard to let go of work when that's ALL you've thought about for the last 3 months or so. Withdrawal. How pathetic is that.

Finally got off the couch today (even though it was Governator day on Encore, and I lovelovelove the Terminator movies. Speaking of that, here's the fun Movie Trivia from work today: What kind of computer is John Connor using when he gets money out of the ATM? Bonus Q: Who is Linda Hamilton married to during the making of this movie? Yes, it's relevant to the movie.)

And speaking of the election, I hate that I can't vote, I should actively pursue citizenship. The thing I LOVE about not being able to vote is to freak out all the annoying people trying to get you to register to vote, WHEREVER you go, months before the elections. "I can't vote", I say. They look at me. And get out of my way. It's so much fun.

Anyway, made a prototype knitting bag based on the Amy Butler shoulder bag in "in Stitches". It's so incredibly simple and easy to make, and I LOVE how it has a lining, it's just so PRE-fessional lookin'.

The S.O was NOT PLEASED I used "his" fabric - "I thought that was supposed to be pillows for the boat??" Isn't the fabric cool though, all map like and geeky?? I have a ton of it. I should get to those pillows soon...

Since it was so easy to make I decided I had graduated to the "fancy" fabric, whipped up one of those bags real quicklike too, it's so nice, in fact, I may bring it with me in my bag on the train when I go back to work on Thursday. It's green and gold and fall like.

And there
is a little surprise inside.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Abigail said...

Hm, now I'm glad I did mine in garter stitch: no rolling so no crochet edge necessary! :)

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Kristi said...

Ok, I can't find your email addy anywhere. Can you email me? Or talk to Jill, she'll know what I want to ask you about :) My addy is kgeraci on gmail.



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