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The M-Spot

M as in Mmmac. Sheesh people.

It's really from work, but I schlepp it home on weekends (pretending it's a laptop, but not so well) until I decide it's time for one at home. Well, it really is, but how to justify the MacMini when I already have a laptop, regular computer, linux server (for DNS/mail/knitting webby content)?? I AM SHOWING RESTRAINT. And I'm a convert. PC my ass, P as in PEEEEEOEY.

No knitting on the Lana Grossa sock for two days. TWO DAYS. Spent most of this morning staring into the wall, fixing my iTunes, and listening to music. It was all my brain could handle.

And taking some fally pictures. I got this guy in Skelleftea (pronounce that!) on our last trip, because he was SO DAMN CUTE. Yes, I am into the Mountain Man Look. The S.O. is sporting his winter beard too. SO CUTE. (No pictures of him though, he hateshateshates his picture taken, just wait until the four-oh sweater is done, he'll HAVE TO, muahahhahaa. Yes, it's still on the needles, I have been approached with "soo... how is my sweater going?" I ignore those comments. It'll be done when it's done, but NOW I have baby stuff to knit. And socks. Always socks. I feel a tiny pang of guilt over the sweater, I HOPE it'll be done by semi-cold weather.)

Hopefully I can get a breather next week, to catch up on housey shit, but also to begin taking some serious pictures again. These pictures are so beautiful, so inventive, and have really really motivated me to get serious about photography again.

Maybe substitute sushi for yarn?


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