nitely knitterly progress


X-ray Day

Digging out the Arlo-hair covered yarns that are mostly on my mind...

On the top:
Allhemp 3. Can't decide what to make with it, something sturdy. I love hemp. Made a cute little evening clutch in hemp from Artfibers a few months ago. There are some very nice housy patterns in Mason-Dixon that are on my mind.

In the middle:

Manos, Cotton. How can you not love this yarn. It was supposed to be for a nautie, but we'll see. I just like to pet it. Pet. Pet. Pet.

On the bottom:

Knitpicks Shimmer. Supposedly the Candle Flame shawl, but it's wool, and it's summer, and the two don't mix. It's just a gorgeous color so it's in the picture.


Knitpicks dye-your-own, lace weight (I wanted sock weight, but they were out, and I needed INSTANT GRATIFICATION.) Some day I'll get the dye too... And then the green lime shine that was supposedly for the Picovoli, it'll collect dust, but the color is beautiful.

And just because I love to have an excuse to pet the yarn and take some fun pictures..


Yarnaholic (just like the t-shirt says)

Progress of the Orangina. Started it with sz 3 needles and the 130 stitches size but it really looked big and abit sloppy. Redid it with sz2 needles and now it looks alot tighter, neater and like it will fit alot better! Looks like boobage may fit as well without any tinkering width wise. Phew. The 16" length for this size will probably not be enough to cover properly before the ribbing, but I started the back and when I get to 16" on that side I'll make a decision..
Love, love, love the pattern! It's so much fun to knit, never boring, but it does take its sweet time.. Look how pretty it is!

The yarn is Dale stork, 100 % cotton. I just love the color, hopefully it will go well with jeans! Got 7 skeins, so it should be enough yarn...


And because it is summer, and this is the first summer I'm knitting, and because who knits with wool in the summer? And because I'm back into the knitting frenzy thing, and because I would like to try to maybe attempt creating my very own sweater (gulp), and because I'm hunting for lots of cool and different texture patterns, doing alot of research, reading alot of technique type o' things, and just because I don't really need an excuse, and because I love to take pictures, here are some of the recent purchases over the last week or so...

Rowan 4 ply cotton. It's the recommended for the Orangina, but I had already started it with the Dale Stork, and I so love that Royal blue color, but also turquoise, and maybe I can make ANOTHER little summer sweater, like the one from the latest Interweave Knit magazine (but without those damn ugly-assed embroidered things.)


Because it was on sale at ArtFibers today. 100 % cotton in a most FABULOUS color (I had to give in to it.) And it could be used for swatching and for making some little vesty garment... One of the girls at ArtFibers had used it for a Rebecca pattern, which was lovely in lime green.


Just for research, purchased with the fabulous colored cotton. Oodle is the cutest yarn and for sz2 or 3. Made a little test swatch a few weeks ago during lunch to see if it could be used for the Picovoli, but it didn't really work. But I'll make it work for SOMETHING. And the sheep is just so damn cute.


More yarn from ArtFibers. To be used maybe with the Oodle for stripe effect. (I love the baby lambs butts too!)

I love ArtFibers. Their yarns are DEE-VINE, AND affordable. The people are so friendly, no snooty attitudes (far to common nowadays in knitting stores), free swatching of ANY YARN THEY HAVE, like I heard today; if you want to make a felted project, knit a swatch in the store with their swatch stash, take it home, felt it to see if the yarn will work for you, who else does that tell me?? Free advise and pattern when you buy yarn for your project. They rock, but even if they weren't so friendly, their yarns are just the best anyway.


And all this fun stuff with an elbow that has seen much better days. Drugs help. They really do. But it may be time to make a call to the Dr and get this damn thing X-rayed. Damn creek embankement (but at least I didn't get Poison Oak!) And Happy Belated Midsummer too.


Nautie Photoshoot

Miss Conduct's Nautie is done. It's ready to go chill on the boat.

Pico was washed and blocked.

Decided the Candle flame shawl is going to have to wait until it is not so damn hot. Started the Orangina instead with the Dale Stork 100% cotton..

So now there are three projects on the list again.


One Nautie Down

It was an evening of finishing things.

Putting eyes on the nauties did two things.

1. Gave them a life and personality.
2. Made me want to make MORE of them. (Which is a good thing since I'm down three still..)

Ok, and it made me sorta feel like I accomplished something. The satisfaction of removing them from the KIP list.

Miss Conduct's nautie will be moved to her in the near future, but not before the obligatory photo shoot....


What a Wonderful Combination

Knitpicks Shimmer in Grape Hyacinth and the McHenry Vineyards Estate bottled 1998 (or 2001) Pinot.


Process Knitter

This means I usually have, well, about 2 old dusty projects (definition: been around for longer than one year); and about 2 projects I work on when I feel like it. It's gone too far now.

1. Teal cable sweater. I'm afraid to mention this one. I have not taken it out for at least a year. Started this sweater back in 2001 or so. It's 100 % wool and NOT something I can knit right now. Right, cuz it's summer. And it really won't be wearable right now anyway. So there. I should take a picture of progress so I know at least it still exists, and to make me feel guilty once in awhile. I think I'm on the first sleeve. Done with front and back.

2. Felted bag with lining. (The actual knitting and felting of this bag was done in early December at some point when I decided it would be a GREAT Christmas present. Then the birthday came around, and still no lining. I suppose it's about 90% done.) Arlo mistook the first set of (super nice and expensive) handles for dog bones. It's easy! Same length, same chewability, it's like almost a dog bone! This is the second pair.. 3. Winter hat for Auntie. Was made to match the shawl I made (and completed). It was knitted back in January sometime, and still no lining (insert trend here.) It involves bringing out the sewing machine and all that. Alot of work. She'll get it for next winter.

4. Miss Conduct's Giant Nautie. Does not have eyes yet. Is trend fully established yet?

But Elliott doesn't care.

5. Pink Girl Nautie. I was obsessed with them, until the knitting got done, eyes? Who needs eyes?? This one is also missing a few tentacles when they got boring to make. I'm probably bringing it to Sweden for the little squirts, and that's not until September so I have PLENTY of time.

6. Picovoli. It's my current obsession. 100 % silk, Hana from Artfibers. Yumyum. Will not require too much finishing, so I see an end for this project.

7. Candle Flame Shawl from Knitpicks. ALLRIGHT. I just got the yarn for it, I can't help if it I just "try it out" for 20 rows or so. It's almost just like a swatch, and that is DEFINATELY not really a new project.