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Arlo's favorite toy. It's been lost behind the bed for awhile, but he found it the other day. At the unplanned Vet's visit yesterday he was 89.1 lbs. Whoops, I guess he's almost 10 lbs heavier than I've been telling people (where they respond "Wow, he looks bigger"; and I just reply "it's mostly fluff"). Well apparantly there's more than fluff to him.

In the spirit of the title which I completely ripped off of our big sale event at work (mmmm cashmere..), and the fact that it's my favorite color, and that it's that season again when it's oh so popular, and the fact that two of the current knitting projects for myself are done with that color yarn, I decided to take some pictures of it.

The socks were made with some acrylic yarn back in '94, when we'd just moved to California, and I needed some pretty Christmas socks! I tried to tuck in the little frayed yarn pieces around the holes in both heels! Yes, they need to be darned!

Living room knitting corner. Complete fluke that the couch and the futon cover were the same color. The tapestry fabric was from a friend of mine who knows how to get samples, I just love that stuff. The super-swedish blanket (guess which one?!) was from my Aunt. Just so cute.

The every day things; work notebook, coffee cup (banged up by numerous intimate encounters with the San Francisco sidewalks), laptop sleeves and my favorite scarf. Still. Finished in 2000 or so, we still lived in the city is all I remember, so maybe '99.. Wore it this past week with the cold weather, and heard "OH, I thought it was machine knitted". Not sure how to take that comment?? But it came from one of the nicest and coolest innovative knitters I know, so I'll take it as a compliment! The pattern was from the Vogue scarf book (that little one), modified the pattern to a much smaller gauge, omitted the fringe, and hunted the yarn forever with the Neck Fondling Rule.

Since I am going to Ohio for work for almost two weeks I figured I needed a hat. No, it's not done, but the yarn name is just the cutest, and it's from Artfibers! Angora, wool and nylon. The beginnings of Shedir.

Well yeah, I should be packing since I'll be on a plane in five hours, but I know how to PRIORITIZE. Spent quite some time today making a list of projects to bring:

  • Print O' the Waves Stole (not going to graft the middle, following MD advise! Brought a ton of pins so I can block it in the hotel room if it's finished in time, and sans dog hair, yey!)
  • Votive sleeves (packed all the beads and wire!)
  • Shedir

Free wireless in the hotel room, and wishing for some snow!!!


At 1:05 PM, Blogger margit said...

I love that color too! And I recognized the Swedish horses on the blanket. My mom's Swedish. One of my favorite things about living in the bay area is that I can go to IKEA and buy Marabou chocolate and don't have to depend on my parents sending it to me after trips to Europe. =) Have a great trip!

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