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This means I usually have, well, about 2 old dusty projects (definition: been around for longer than one year); and about 2 projects I work on when I feel like it. It's gone too far now.

1. Teal cable sweater. I'm afraid to mention this one. I have not taken it out for at least a year. Started this sweater back in 2001 or so. It's 100 % wool and NOT something I can knit right now. Right, cuz it's summer. And it really won't be wearable right now anyway. So there. I should take a picture of progress so I know at least it still exists, and to make me feel guilty once in awhile. I think I'm on the first sleeve. Done with front and back.

2. Felted bag with lining. (The actual knitting and felting of this bag was done in early December at some point when I decided it would be a GREAT Christmas present. Then the birthday came around, and still no lining. I suppose it's about 90% done.) Arlo mistook the first set of (super nice and expensive) handles for dog bones. It's easy! Same length, same chewability, it's like almost a dog bone! This is the second pair.. 3. Winter hat for Auntie. Was made to match the shawl I made (and completed). It was knitted back in January sometime, and still no lining (insert trend here.) It involves bringing out the sewing machine and all that. Alot of work. She'll get it for next winter.

4. Miss Conduct's Giant Nautie. Does not have eyes yet. Is trend fully established yet?

But Elliott doesn't care.

5. Pink Girl Nautie. I was obsessed with them, until the knitting got done, eyes? Who needs eyes?? This one is also missing a few tentacles when they got boring to make. I'm probably bringing it to Sweden for the little squirts, and that's not until September so I have PLENTY of time.

6. Picovoli. It's my current obsession. 100 % silk, Hana from Artfibers. Yumyum. Will not require too much finishing, so I see an end for this project.

7. Candle Flame Shawl from Knitpicks. ALLRIGHT. I just got the yarn for it, I can't help if it I just "try it out" for 20 rows or so. It's almost just like a swatch, and that is DEFINATELY not really a new project.


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