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Knitting Funk

It doesn't really stop at that, it's a complete Holiday Funk. I knew it was going to happen, spend two weeks in a strange town and a different state in December, living in a lifeless hotel room, et voila.

How do you fix it?
  1. Glogg. (Special Blossa delivery from Sweden! Liquid gold nursed since last January. Divine. Add almonds and raisins.)
  2. Nat King Cole.
  3. Watch the Grinch and Rudolf, and sing-along. Out Loud.
  4. Get awesome Holiday Cookies and the coolest home crafted holiday display from a great friend.
  5. Find some colored lights and green wreath like things and hang them up.
  6. Watch football. (No, that just comes with it being Sunday.)
  7. Invite yourself to the above friends company holiday party and wear something SHINY. (Yes, my pants! At Rye.)

(Not necessarily in this order of course.)

Votive made from beads purchased in Buckeye state. One down, five trillion to go. Done before Christmas? Fuck no.

[Wednesday heart Mac.]


At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Margit said...

I love glogg!! We made a batch last year but didn't drink it all, and we let it sit in the fridge all year and it is SOOO good now! Cheers!

At 6:59 PM, Blogger lill4my said...

margit, IM COMING OVER:):):)

At 8:47 PM, Blogger JillyB said...

At least the Christmas funk is being beaten down, now just the knitting one must be tackled!


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