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Pomopolitans & Mr. Turkey

It's hard to write, but even harder to say after one (or two).


100% Pomegranate juice.
Vodka (unflavored)

Fresh Pomegranate seeds and lemon zest for garnish.

There are no measurements, just pour in what you think tastes good. I dump it all in my shaker with some ice, shake it up, then pour into martini glasses and add garnish. Just be VEWWY VEWWY CAREFUL! It is a HIGHLY potent drink. Believe you me, you want to control the vodka, you can't taste it, but I can guarantee you it's THERE. We had three each, and look how happy we were! (Well, I'm the photographer, but see, the picture isn't blurry!) And the COLOR, just a beautiful ruby red!

It's all for Mr. Turkey. If Eric's stuffing wasn't the most divine stuffing on the planet, I wouldn't care so much about a Turkey. The Turkey is really good, but not my department, I just know there are oranges and orange marmalade and some herbs and spices and stuff involved. Look how PRETTY it is! 15 pounder this year with eight people in the crowd!

These are our staples.

The stuffing is from Williams-Sonoma's catalog from 5 years ago or so; wild rice, fennel, home made (or Marie Callendar's herb) croutons, fresh roasted chestnuts, and various and assorted other things that Eric puts in it. I just roast the chestnuts, that's my only job for the stuffing (or he would get the icky canned ones. Peeling chestnuts are a BITCH on your fingers.) Remember to make the cut along the mid section of the chestnut before roasting. Makes it SO MUCH EASIER to peel. 350 degrees about 30-35 minutes.

Then peel them pretty quicklike. Yes, they're smoking hot, but the skin comes off easier.

Green bean casserole. From Cook's Illustrated's cookbook they put out a couple of years ago. You can substitute chicken stock for some good veggie stock if you have vegetarians in the crowd.

They do still use the fried french onions, but mix them half and half with some regular bred and alittle of butter, for the top.

Cranberry Sauce

1 bag of crannies
3/4 cup sugar
1 orange cut up into chunks
zest of the above orange

Throw it all in a pot and let it putter until the cranberries pop or are cooked through. Voila done. I always make it the day before (well, I didn't ALWAYS do that, but with experience..)

Pumpkin Cheese cake from the Pumpkin book from Williams-Sonoma. They don't do the fancy water bath that they do in the Cook's Illustrated version, but if I do the candied orange peels for the top, I try to cover up the cracks if they form!

After a bite of the cheese cake, who cares anyway! The longer it sits, the better it tastes! (Well, make it the night before anyway...)

And this year we got the very special treat of home made icecream!!!!

Pumpkin, Vanilla and coffee. Absolutely divine.

Family & Friends & Food. Life doesn't get much better that that.


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