nitely knitterly progress



Abridged version:

No knitting done. None. Nada. Ingenting. Picture taking ditto.

Long version:

1. Hanging out at the FC where no daylight puts you in the cocoon where you will never ever see the sunset. Loads of fun. Awesome crew.

2. Went to the pub. O'Shaughnessy's.

3. Window shopping at the Easton mall. Absolutely gorgeous. I just wish there had been snow! Horse and carriage rides. (We had the worst possible service at PF Changs. Hello, My Name is Doorstop.)

4. Mmmmitchell's. What else is there to say, except, I could never be a vegetarian. A bloody steak and an excellent cabernet are close to orgasmic.

[Seems my linux box really ate shit this time. Will fix when I get home. Sigh.]


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