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Big Bird's Corner

How long can you live without a cell phone? 4 days is my limit. Maybe it's because I'm a sysadmin. And I love Amos Lee. He keeps me calm.

The Promised Pictures. The knitting mini-retreat was so friggin awesome. My awesome party slaves showed up at like NINE. Hello, how cool are they??? Tina started with a VIRGIN Bloody Mary. (What is wrong with that sentence?) She still looks happy though!

I had SPINNING WHEELS in my living room. How cool is that???? Kristi and Margit were spinnin' away, I am so ENVIOUS!

Wednesday was a Big Love Bug. Having to be the center of attention! Amanda was happy with her coffee (or maybe it was post-Bloody-Mary!! Either way!!) , and Abigail was working on stuff!

The Bermuda Triangle couch. Wednesday hanging out with Abigail this time. She Picks Her People.

We watched Foul Play, Shooting Fish (I so don't know what that movie is about still!)

There should be so many more pictures. But I'm a terrible hostess! Jill's working something out (and on the votive holders from Handknit Holidays! We love them!) Elizabeth and Jean showed up, at which point we were so not interested in taking pictures! But they ROCKED.

NEXT TIME, I'm thinking we need to all just SIT DOWN and RELAX and KNIT.

And next time, we'll be watching Grease. Oh yeah!

[Can you believe those socks are self-striped and NO STRIPE PLANNING was involved?? Just Pure Luck. I love them, the Widdershins from Knitty... And Big Bird is my Honney Bonney. So happy with all the people at the party (especially Margit, OH THE DOGGIE SMELLS:) You have to go visit Mojo, he's ONE CUTE puppy!!) See the big orange face squished between the couch and the coffee table? He just loves everyone. From behind, in the car , looking out through the back window, he looks like Big Bird. In Los Altos the other day when he was being a Social ButtFly, one guy even called him Big Bird. It's not a coinkidink.]


At 8:17 AM, Blogger margit said...

Big Bird is a super sweetie. It was a great time! And you're an awesome hostess!

At 6:56 PM, Blogger Abigail said...

You were definitely the hostess with the mostests!

I'm bummed that I missed Shooting Fish, actually. I might have to borrow it.


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