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Champagne Girl

Five on three in race five to place. I won $9.50. And the feeling of being alittle bad, and just so very cool. She kicked ass too. It was my friend's birthday so we spent an evening with one dollar hotdogs, beers (MGD piss water, but hey, it was a dollar), and soda. It was cold, it was noisy, the nacho cheese was nasty, it smelled like smoke, and it was SO MUCH FUN!

I see them run every morning at Bay Meadows, looking out the window from Caltrain. Thinking how cold and miserable it must be out there, especially this morning in the fog at 6 am, but also so exhilirating when they book down the straights, the steam of the horses and the smell. Yes, I LOVE the smell of horses. At the Cooper-Garrod Vineyard they have horses, and the lady inside wrinkled her nose at me when we began wine tasting. "Do I smell like horses?" She said "Yes." I took that as a great compliment. I'm sure that's what she really meant.

It suits my theory, there are two kinds of girls, the ones who have the Horse Period of their lives, and the ones who wrinkle their noses at them. They're missing out.

While cleaning this past weekend (no work, woohooo!!! Because cleaning is just SO MUCH FUN.) I found this cute little
white lamp and crocheted cover I brought with me from Sweden, I leave it in its little bag because it still smells like my Gramma. She said she won't have anywhere to put it, so I said "I'LL TAKE IT!" So gorgeous. Need to put up the lamp somewhere, just don't know where...

My Gramma is a great crocheter, with her eyesight not being the best these days, crocheting is easier than knitting. "NO MORE YARN" she said when we spoke last. She has enough yarn to last her for awhile! She'll be 80 on January 10, and I would like to make her something special. Maybe the Ene shawl? Any ideas?

I have no idea when she made this bedspread, it's another one of those things she says she'll never use again, so my Aunt is going to put it to use in her spare bedroom. It was on my Grandparents bed for my entire childhood, so many memories, I had to snap some pictures of it so that maybe one day if I'd feel so inclined, I can make one myself.

The Print O' the Wave stole is progressing, I love Misti Alpaca, and I love knitting lace, it's so relaxing, taking your mind off stupid shit. And I love to stretch it out after every row (yes, it's going slowly) to see what it is going to look like.

No life line yet. Living on the edge.

[Yeah, yeah, pictures from the retreat are coming, but Abigail and Kristi did such a good job, it took the pressure off! He he. And yes, the damn wiki is down, I have to fix my DSL modem/router Real.Soon.Now. And yes, my cellphone was lost at the RaceTrack on friday. No use in calling it. No, I didn't lose it because of the beer, it doesn't even qualify as beer. And besides, I only had two cups of that piss water, but hey, it was A DOLLAR. ]


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